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stevenewberry03Spark Box Studio had its first resident artist, Steve Newberry. Steve currently lives in Hamilton and came to focus on his next set of ideas and concepts. Steve primarily works  in sculpture, installation and new media, but more recently he has become interested in printmaking. It was fantastic getting to know Steve over the course of his one week stay. In addition to focusing on his independant work, we taught Steve how to silkscreen. Steve had brought some old post cards of Belleville that he wanted to transfer into prints. We gave steve a complete crash course in silkscreen and talked about the posibilities for mixed medium work. In the end he decided to silkscreen onto plywood and will later integrate other elements such as woodcut, found objects, screws, paint and many other interesting processes.

Two of the images we printed are posted. It should be mentioned that when printing onto plywood one should consider that the surface is not 100% uniform. The wood has both divits and grain which will alter the final printed image, for better or worse.

Check out his website at–www.Steve Newberry.com



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  1. Nice work! It’s always great to see new and uncommon practices… very inspiring! I can’t wait ’til it’s my turn!! :D

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