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Who’s Been Here?


Tyler Vipond, Sculpture, Wood, Gold, Geometric, Toronto, Artist in Residents

Tyler Vipond was our first residency award winner of 2013 and we had the pleasure of spending last week with him. He was working on some pretty intense sculptural pieces that use pattern, textiles, and found materials to create complicated forms. I loved this sentence in his artist statement:

“A failure within a pattern or system gives the work a chance to change direction, to become improvisational for a period of time, or even to become grotesque.”

Tyler Vipond, Sculpture, Wood, Gold, Geometric, Toronto, Artist in Residents

This sentence stood out to me because the last piece he made, which was a larger black work containing many small pieces, lingers in this strange place between being a beautifully complicated object and a somewhat uncomely shape. It just seemed to fit this sentence so perfectly.


What’s Been Going On?


National Gallery, Ottawa, Art, Museum, Contemporary, Canada

The week started with a great trip to Ottawa with our Loyalist ADF class where we went to the National Gallery. Our favourite exhibit was British artist Martin Creed’s Work No. 202: Half the Air in a Given Space. This piece consisted of a gallery spaced filled with thousands of black balloons. The participant is invited to walk into this highly claustrophobic space.  Kyle and I didn’t make it too far into the room before turning around to find our way back out. Even though it was an uncomfortable experience I loved how well the piece worked both visually and conceptually.

Maple, Maple Candy, Ottawa, Canada, Red

After our gallery tour we went to the market and ate lunch. I bought some maple candy because I love sugar. It was a really love day.

Moira Secondary School, Workshop, Print, Etching, Class, Intaglio, Prince Edward County

Moira Secondary Schoo, Etching, Print, Intaglio, Workshop, Prince Edward County

We hosted a workshop with Moira Secondary School where each student was able to print a small edition of etchings. This class really surprised us with the level of detail and work they put into their drawings. The prints pulled from this workshop were really very impressive.

Kitchen Lithography, Booklet, How-to, Workshop, High School, Print


Kitchen Lithography, Booklet, How-to, Workshop, High School, Print

Kyle and I have been working on a number of other projects over the course of the week, one which we are really excited about is an upcoming workshop with local high school teachers. During this two session workshop we are going to be showing a group of 10 high school teachers some non-toxic printmaking processes they can easily use in the classroom. This project is being funded by the Ontario Arts Council. The funding not only paid for the workshops but also the creation of a step-by-step guide for each of the processes. Kyle has been drawing up a storm for these booklets.

This Weeks Links:

- I think it is time for me to hunt down my trailer pictures from the trip across the US. This thought inspired by these works by Nan Brown.

- Time to start planning some new designs for prints. Probably going to make a new inspiration board … perhaps one of these will help get me started.

- Maybe I should paint some still life. I love this painting.

- Have I posted Paul Thek’s Teaching Notes before? Just in case I will again. They are that awesome.

- Can you believe it is almost Easter? Spring is here!! Check out these fun Easter DIY.

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