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Paper Lantern, Small Pond, Craft, DIY, Prince Edward County, Workshop

Our Jellyfish Lantern

What a fun week! We made paper lanterns, checked out some of the local art studios and participated in a craft event.


Kyle Topping, Mile Murtanovski, Small Pond, Paper Lanterns, Craft Night

Kyle and Mile starting their paper lantern

Nella Casson, Small Pond, Paper Lantern, Pink, Jellyfish

Nella working on our Jellyfish Lantern

In preparation for an upcoming Lantern Festival Kyle and I attended a paper lantern workshop at Small Pond Arts earlier in the week. Ourselves, along with five others, were instructed by studio owners Krista and Mile on how to make lanterns using bamboo, tissue paper and a candle. Nell Casson and I built a medium sized jellyfish lantern, while Kyle and Mile joined forces and started building a huge fish lantern.

Paper Lantern, Waves, Small Pond Arts, Craft, Workshop

Paper Lanterns, Small Pond Arts, Craft, Workshop

Everyone with their Lanterns

Later in the week I took the three residents around to a couple of the studios on the PEC Studio Tour. The rainy weather left us only seeing a few studios around Wellington and Bloomfield. The best parts of this trip were stopping into one of my favorite pottery studio in Wellington and a visit to the Oeno Gallery.

Wellington, Pottery, Studio, Ceramics, Studio Tour, PEC

A few works by Wellington Pottery


Oeno Gallery, Studio Tour, Shayne Dark, Sculpture Garden

Olivia, Linda and I with the Shayne Dark piece at Oeno Gallery

During the weekend Kyle and I set-up a craft sale table outside Mobius on the main street of Picton. Although it was rainy, windy and cold we still had fun handing out on the main street, visiting with people and selling our goods.

Craft, Spark Box, Paper Goods, Prints, Cards, Textiles, Bags, Kyle Topping, Mobius

On Saturday afternoon I left our craft table early so I could attended Porchfest in Belleville, where my two friends Laura Todd and Sean Bokenkamp were playing their first show as Caesar Shift.

Porchfest, Music, Festival, Belleville

Porchfest, Laura Todd, Sean Bokenkamp, Caesar Shift, Bellevile, Music Festival

Sean and Laura Playing at Porchfest

My weekend closed with a short trip to the Kaleidoscope craft sale held at Fields on West Lake. I enjoyed the booth set-up of Michelle Morrissey’s Drifter Studios, the presentation really suited the nature of the work.

Craft Sale, Picton, Ontario, Drifter, Michelle Morrissey, Jewelry

Michelle Morrissey's Booth

Links This Week:

-Getting ready for Christmas season and thinking about putting together a free kids card making event … may get some inspiration from here.

-I love this work found on the Jealous Curator Page.

-Check out this weird fuzzy people GIF.

-Resident Linda Cunningham wrote a nice post about Finding Focus here at the studio.

-This calligraphy pen looks awesome!

Have a great week everyone. See you in October!

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